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Sibir Novosibirsk Russian Hockey Jersey (13/14)

Sibir Novosibirsk Russian Hockey Jersey (13/14)

We offer top quality custom Sibir Novosibirsk Hockey Jersey season 2013/2014 for you and your team, company or event. Embroidered logo, nameplate, patch, number set. Sublimated jerseys.

  • Size Chart

  • Why Choose Us

    • Original Ice Hockey Jersey (from Russian Manufacturer Lutch)
    • Best Quality Product (Since 1991)
    • Special Order Options for Teams and Individuals
    • PRO version (Embroidery) or Replica (Sublimation) are availiable


    • PRO version:

    100% Heavy Duty Polyester (M-10)

    Double Layerred Upper Back and Sleeves

    Name and Number Tackle Twill Stitched

    Authentic Tie-Down Fight Strap with

    Hook and Loop and Snap Closure

    Anatomical Jersey Design

    Solid Mesh Insert Under Arms

    Authentic KHL Logo

    Authentic Team Crest


    • Replica:

    100% Medium Weight Polyester (C-11)

    Authentic Replica of the Game Jersey

    All Designs, Names and Numbers are Sublimated

    Authentic KHL Logo is Sublimated

    Classic Jersey Model

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