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Russian Olympic National Team Hockey Jersey (2022)

Russian Olympic National Team Hockey Jersey (2022)

We offer top quality custom Russian National Olimpic Team Hockey Jersey season 2022 for you and your team, company or event. Sublimated jerseys.

  • Size Chart

  • Why Choose Us

    • Original Ice Hockey Jersey (from Russian Manufacturer Lutch)
    • Best Quality Product (Since 1991)
    • Special Order Options for Teams and Individuals
    • PRO version (Embroidery) or Replica (Sublimation) are availiable


    • PRO version:

    100% Heavy Duty Polyester (M-10)

    Double Layerred Upper Back and Sleeves

    Name and Number Tackle Twill Stitched

    Authentic Tie-Down Fight Strap with

    Hook and Loop and Snap Closure

    Anatomical Jersey Design

    Solid Mesh Insert Under Arms

    Authentic KHL Logo

    Authentic Team Crest


    • Replica:

    100% Medium Weight Polyester (C-11)

    Authentic Replica of the Game Jersey

    All Designs, Names and Numbers are Sublimated

    Authentic KHL Logo is Sublimated

    Classic Jersey Model

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